About Candice

Candice Rebollo is a Certified Channel through The Center for Personal Transformation. Through her training she has established the skills of relay writing and direct voice trance channeling. By entering an altered state of awareness, Candice allows her guides to bring forth important information to clients in need.

Why Channeling? Well, you know how some people feel overwhelmed due to persistent worrying and negative attitudes? Candice helps them by intuiting information specific to their individual needs. This allows them to live their lives without the fear of carrying heavy emotional baggage.

So for those dealing with anxiety, pain, stress, lack of self-confidence, grief from a lost loved one or any questions about the direction of their lives, Candice and her guides can be of great service. <3

My Journey

As a young adolescent Candice began receiving strange but important bits of information telepathically. Suffering from depression and anxiety during these years, she began to feel guiding and loving presence around her that was helping her climb out of the pain.

She had no idea where this information or these messages were coming from, and at times felt confused and conflicted about them. Through a series of communications in dreams, spiritual visions, and professional training, Candice had learned she had always been in communication with her guides and in fact could channel them for others who seek to evolve spiritually as well. Because of her commitment to personal growth and an unconditional love for humanity, she has agreed to becoming a channel in this lifetime for the benefit of herself and all those who seek her services.

Through her individual channeling journey she has learned how to heal her own trauma, how to heal the previously negative relationships in her life, and how to move forward with more ease and genuine confidence than ever before. Candice desires to equip others with the same tools using the input of her wise and loving guides who helped teach her these lessons.

If you are interested in an one-on-one or group session please email rebollocandice@gmail.com or call (323) 424 – 9871 to book your appointment today!


Candice is currently offering Skype & over-the-phone sessions for one or one & a half hours ( more time can be allowed for channeling with a small break in between). The channeled readings are never compromised by distance or phone call/web communication :), as her guides can tap into information no matter where the client is. Channeled Mediumship is also offered, so if there is a loved one on the other side you’d like to connect to please feel free to inquire. She can provide one-on-one or group sessions. House calls are available in the Los Angeles areas with considerable advanced notice and small accommodations.

To provide you with a great service in the time allowed, it is best to have your questions written out & to lead with the ones that are of most importance to you. In this way Candice’s guides can provide you with as much information and as many tools as they can to send you off more empowered!

For any questions or to book an appointment please email rebollocandice@gmail.com or call Candice’s cell phone at (323)424-9871.

All payments can be paid in cash or online at PayPal.Me/CandiceRebollo. Please Do Not check the goods & services box to avoid any additional PayPal fees. Many thanks & MUCH LOVE!